What’s the relationship between branding, organizational culture, and business? With uncertainty currently being a given, how can this relation matter to people? Can it drive resilience and growth within organizations? We have many questions and a handful of people to share their thoughts and expertise on these subjects.

With Company invites you to join this conversation on November 22 at Atelier Gardens in Berlin. An informal gathering, starting at 5:30 pm in one of the city’s newest and most promising campuses for impact. The ideal backdrop to rethink purpose-driven businesses, the role of brands as social agents, and the future inevitables we collectively need to consider and act upon.
On stage, you can count with:
Shawn Williams (Co-Founder of The Impact Company)
Sissel Hansen (Ceo of Startup Guide)
Philipp Skribanowitz (Ceo of Mimi Hearing Technologies)
Rui Quinta (Creative Director of With Company)
Leonor Babo (Creative Director of Noocity) as moderator.

The conversation will start with Mimi’s case study. The repositioning led by With Company alongside Mimi Hearing Technologies drove them to this year’s Fast Company’s Brands that Matter list. From there, we will showcase other projects where branding, strategy, and organizational culture co-live and empower people — giving the motto to the panel discussion and then opening it to the audience.
In the current scenario of uncertainty, what is the matter of what matters?

Take part, and join us for a toast and some food for thought. Book to secure your seat.


17:30 - 20:00

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